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होम बेकरी
केक का सामान
केक का सामान कहाँ मिलता है
केक का सामान कहाँ मिलेगा
केक का सारा सामान
केक का सामान लिस्ट

Cake Premix

Cake premix is available in many flavors in market.

Main 2 flavors are vanilla and chocolate.

These are mainly provided in 2 packages one for 1 kg and other one is 5 kg packets.

If you want to make the cake at a small level like a home bakery or own purpose 1 kg packet is good, if you need to use commercial work you can use 5 kg packets.


For buying 1kg packet you need to pay approx Rs.250

Mixing bowls

Mixing bowl is required for mixing premix and whipping cream.

These bowls are available in various price range.

I use glass bowls of capacity around 1 ltr and 750 ml which cost me around Rs.300 to 400.

Use can use steel bowl or plastic those are also easily available in the market.


Rs.300 to 400

Measuring cups and spoons

In market these are easily available. There is mainly 4 types cups and 4 types of spoons. Standard size of 1 cup is 240ml.

4 types of cups are as follows;

1cup (240ml), 1/2 cup, 1/4 cup and 3/4 cup.

4 types of spoons are as follows:

1tsp, 1tbsp, 1/2 tsp, 1/4 tsp

Price –

Rs.150 to Rs.250

Weighing machine

This machine is use to measure cake ingredients so that perfect cake can be made.


Rs.250 to 350

Cake board

Cake board is used to serve cakes. available for various size cakes

cake boards are available for different sizes of cakes are as follow:

1/2 kg, 1kg and above.

Various colors are also available. Main colors are Golden and Silver.


for 1 board Rs.8 to 20

Sieve, Spatula and silicon brush

Sieve is used to shift dough and spatula is required mix and take out cream etc. from the bowl.

Silicon brush is very helpful in spreading oil in the mold or other places.

Price –

Sieve price – Rs.50 – 100

Spatula price – Rs. 40 to 250

Silicon brush price -Rs.40 to 50

Cake nozzles and nozzle coupler

Cake nozzles are used to decorate the cake. Available in different sizes in the market. Cake nozzles are easily available in the market. In Big size nozzle, you can buy 1 or 2 pieces. For small size, you should buy a complete set. It will cost cheaper.

A nozzle coupler can be used to use different nozzles in the same piping bag. So that we can give different designs using single piping bag cream by just changing the nozzle. No need to through the remaining cream in the piping bag and use another piping bag.


Rs.250 set or single nozzle Rs.40 to 100. Coupler is usually given with cake nozzle set.

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Cake tin or cake molds

Different sized cake tins are available in market. Mainly for home baking 3 sizes set could be bought.

6 inches, 7 inches, and 8 inches. 6-inch cake mold can be used for ½ kg cake. 7-inch cake mold is used in baking 1 kg cake and 8-inch cake mold can be used for baking a 1 kg to 1.5 kg cake.

Different design cake molds are also available like circle, heart , square , rectangle and doll cake mold etc.

Price –

Rs.100 to 300 per piece.

Piping Bags

Piping bags are used for filling cream to decorate cake.

They are available in 2 types disposable and non disposable.

I myself use disposable one as they are more convenient to use.

Price –

Rs.100 for 100 pieces (disposable)

Serrated knife

Serrated knife is required to cut cakes very easily without making more crumbs to it.

Little big size knife is preferred. It is used to cut cake in layers.


Rs.100 to 150

Electric beater

Electric beater is a very important tool to start a home bakery.

You should surely buy it.

Important things to note before buying it are as follows;

First it should be ISI marked and 2nd beater should me minimum 300 watt and above.

If you buy a beater of fewer than 300 watts when we use it, it gets heated very fast, so the chances of getting it non-working it’s very high. It doesn’t beat cream well as it will take more time to beat cream, cream may get melted due to this and does not become whipped properly.

Price –

Rs.1000 to 2000


Scrappers are used to smoothening the sides of the cakes or make designs on the sides. You can use old atm cards or some hard plastic sheets also in its place. But these scrappers are very cheap and are easily available online. So can buy it online as well.

Price –

Rs.100 to 250

Palette Knife:

Palette knife is a very important tool for cake decoration. Palette knife can be used to smoothen sides of cakes or top. It is available in different sizes and patterns. Easily available online.


Rs.150 to 250

Parchment Paper/ Butter Paper

Butter paper is used to line the cake tin. If you use butter paper in cake tin. Cake gets easily removed from the cake tin after baking. It prevents breakage of sponge during taking out cake from cake mold.

It is optional to buy.

Price –

Rs.100 to 200

Baking Powder and Baking Soda

If you are making cake without using premix then Baking soda and baking powder is also required to make sponge for the cake.


Rs. 20 to 25 for 100 grams

You can buy it online or offline. Offline easily available on grocery store.

Cake turn table

Cake turn table is available in different material in the market like plastic, steel, fiber etc.

It is used during cake icing to turn cakes.

Price –

Rs.250 to 300 (plastic)

Fruit Crush, Sprinklers and colors:

Crush is available in different flavors and sizes. Like pineapple crush, strawberry crush etc.

Sprinklers are also easily available in the market. Different types are available like chocolate sprinklers, rainbow sprinklers, Choco chip- white Choco chip, brown Choco chips.

Cherry is also used and many cakes decorations.

Price –

Fruit Crush – Rs. 150 to 250 (750 ml)

Gel color – Rs.500 to 600 (Pack of 6)

Cherry – Rs. 200

Cocoa Powder

Cocoa powder is used in making a cake base of chocolate-flavored cakes. A good company or branded product you should always buy. As if you buy non-branded cocoa powder their taste is not good and quality is also bad.

Hershey’s brand Price –

Rs.95 (for 70 grams)

Compound chocolates:

These chocolates are used during decoration of chocolate cakes. It is available in different flavors in the market like dark chocolate compound, milk chocolate compound, milk compound etc.

I recommend Morde brand compound chocolates as  its taste is quite good. It is very easily available online.

Price –

Rs. 100 to 200 (for 400 grams)

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Whipping Cream

Whipping cream is used to decorate cakes. It should always be taken of a good brand high quality like premium versions of this product.

Price –

Rs.160 to 200 ( 1kg)


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