besan ke laddu

Besan ke laddu are very tasty laddu. You can store them for 2-3 months in air tight containers.

Ingredients required to make besan ke laddu are:

gram flour (besan) – 2 cup
semolina (suji) – 2 tsp
powdered sugar (bhura) – 1.5 cup
cardamom powder (elachi) – 1/4 tsp
chopped cashew, almond, pistachio – 2 tsp each

Step by step recipe of besan ke laddu is:

  • Take ghee – ½ cup in a pan and heat it for 30 seconds.
  • Add gram flour (besan) – 2 cup and mix well and roast for one minute. Keep flame low.
  • Add semolina – 2 tsp to make coarse laddu. If you are not using semolina then take course gram flour.
  • Roast mixture till nice aroma starts coming and starts leaving ghee from it. Add ghee 1-2 tsp if mixture is little bit dry. Keep flame low. Stir continuously. It will take around 10 minutes.
  • Now add chopped dry fruits. I have taken cashew and almond. You can take dry fruits of your choice.
  • Mix and roast 1-2 minutes more at low flame.
  • For graininess in laddu, sprinkle 2 tsp water in mixture in it. First sprinkle 1 tsp of water and roast at low flame till water evaporates then add one more tsp of water and roast it again to evaporate water.
  • Turn OFF flame and take out mixture in a plate and cool it down.
  • Add cardamom powder -1/4 tsp and powdered sugar (bhura) 1 and ½ cup. Mix these entire things well. Now mixture is ready for making laddu.
  • Make laddu. You can see video for any help. Use 1-2 pistachio in making laddu.
  • Let it cool completely at room temperature and then keep them in air tight container.


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