peanut crackers

Hello everyone, today I have made peanut cracker. Peanut cracker can be prepared very easily and in very less time. So whenever there is requirement of some namkeen snacks with tea, you can try to make peanut crackers. Haldiram and other brands peanut crackers are also available in market. But remember homemade food items are hygienic and good for health as they are freshly prepared.

Ingredients required to make masala peanut cracker are:

roasted peanut – 1 cup
gram flour (besan) – ½ cup
rice flour – 2 tsp
red chili – ½ tsp
turmeric powder – ¼ tsp
salt as per taste
coriander powder – ¾ tsp
ginger paste – ½ tsp
oil 2tsp + 4-5 tsp for deep frying
water as required
chat masala – ½ tsp

Step by step recipe to make peanut crackers is:

1- Take gram flour (besan) – ½ cup in a mixing bowl.
2- Add rice flour – 2 tsp, red chilli – ½ tsp, turmeric powder – ¼ tsp, salt as per taste, coriander powder – ¾ tsp, ginger paste – ½ tsp and mix well all these ingredients.
3- Add edible oil – 2 tsp and mix well again.
4- Add roasted peanut – 1 cup and mix well again.
5- Add water little by little and prepare thick mixture. You can check its consistency from video. Thick mixture will form lump.
6- Heat 4-5 tsp oil in a pan. When oil is heated, add peanuts one by one in it and fry them till they turn light brown. Stir continuously and keep flame low to medium.
7- Repeat above process for remaining mixture.
8- After frying all the peanut mixture, let it cool.
9- Add chat masala – ½ tsp and red chilli as per taste. Mix them well. Now peanut cracker is ready to serve.


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