Ingredients required to make gujrati Khandvi are as follows:

gram flour – 1cup; turmeric – ¼ tsp
salt as per taste; ginger chili paste – 1 tsp
curd – ½ cup; water as required
oil – 2 tsp; mustard seeds – ¾ tsp
asafoetida 1-2 pinches; red chili – 1
chopped coriander – 4 tsp
fresh coconut (grated) – 4 tsp

Step by step recipe of khandavi is:

  • Take gram flour – 1 cup in a mixing bowl.
  • Add turmeric powder – ¼ tsp, salt as per taste, ginger paste – ½ tsp, green chili paste – ½ tsp and mix well.
  • Add curd – ½ cup and mix well again.
  • Add water – 1½ cup and mix well. Add water ¼ cup first then again add water ¼ cups and then add 1 cup of water again. Consistency of mixture should be like thick milk. You can check consistency in video.
  • Cover and rest mixture for 10 minutes.
  • After 10 minutes, remove cover and mix well again. Again you can check consistency in video.
  • Now khandavi mixture is ready to cook.
  • Take a cooker and add 1½ cup of water in it. Till here gas flame is OFF.
  • Transfer batter in a suitable vessel so that it can be placed in cooker. After placing batter/ mixture vessel in cooker, cover mixture vessel and then apply cooker lid with whistle.
  • Turn ON flame and cook till 5 whistles at medium flame.
  • In-between grease a tray from both sides. Wipe extra oil from tray.
  • After 5 whistles remove cooker lid and also remove cover of batter mixture carefully as there is some water over it which should not go in batter.
  • Take out batter patila (vessel) form cooker and mix well again. And do not let mixture to cool as it will not spread when cooled.
  • Spread batter over tray evenly on one side first, then on second side. Layer of batter should be thin.
  • Now rest spread mixture for 10 minutes. In-between prepare tadka for khandavi.
  • Heat oil – 2 tsp in a pan.  Add mustard seeds – 1 tsp (keep flame low) and cook for 30 seconds.
  • Add asafetida 1-2 pinches, red chilli -1 and cook for 30 seconds and switch OFF flame. Tadka is ready.
  • Now it is time for making roll of khandavi. Before making role spread finally chopped coriander and chopped fresh grated coconut.
  • After making roll apply tadka. Now khandavi is ready to serve.


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